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The Diploma of the Society

The Diploma is the highest award presented by the Society and, as such, should reflect the standards, aims and objectives of the Society.

The Society prides itself on the work that is done in the community in the area of water safety education. In dealing with the safety of human beings, the greatest care must be taken and the highest standards maintained.

These standards should be reflected in all that the Society’s members and associates do. This includes awards at all levels, lectures, examinations, meetings and other activities involving the public.

All candidates should be familiar with the aims and objectives of the Society and demonstrate support for them in every manner possible.

Diploma candidates are expressing an extreme interest in the Society and, as such, are clearly demonstrating support for its values and standards.

The work of the candidate should clearly be of the highest standard possible and contribute to the development of the Society and be of value to the community.

Those who achieve Diploma status should be proud of the effort and of the Society. They should represent the Society in a professional manner at all times and promote the Society’s aims and objectives throughout the Commonwealth.

Completion of the Diploma Award is no easy task. It requires a dedication not necessary for any other Society award and candidates should appreciate the need for self¬discipline in order to complete the task.

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