A Junior programme offering awards covering water safety and an introduction to self-rescue, rescue and emergency response. The awards allow students to pace themselves, gain recognition and progress through the various levels.

Swim and Survive

A series of 5 certificate levels developing water awareness and an understanding of swimming and survival abilities.

Water Discovery
Water Awareness
Water Sense
Water Wise
Water Smart

Surviver Strand

A series of 3 certificate levels introducing water safety knowledge and skills.

Rookie Survivor
Super Survivor
Ultra Survivor

Rescue Strand

A series of 3 certificate levels introducing rescue skills.

Dry Rescue
Wade Rescue
Accompanied Rescue

Bronze Strand

A series of 3 awards that assist in developing lifesaving fitness, knowledge, skill and judgement. The lifesaving skills learnt and developed through the program are highly regarded in the community.

Bronze Star
Bronze Medallion
Bronze Cross

Advanced Lifesaving Strand

Two advanced awards that require an increasing proficiency of livesaving knowledge, understanding and practical ability.

Award of Merit

The Diploma of the Society

The Diploma is the highest award presented by the Society and, as such, recognises candidates who reflect the standards, aims and objectives of the Society.

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New Zealand Resuscitation Council

New ANZCOR resuscitation guidelines and algorithms, including CPR standards and guidelines, are freely available from the NZRC website.